Pirates of the Caribbean

En el fin del mundo

Take control of Jack Sparrow in this new adventure


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These days, it is expected that a film with box office success will spawn a video game to accompany its release, and of course, the Pirates of the Caribbean is no different.

You control Jack Sparrow through his new adventure, so unsheathe your sword ready for action because you will have to face a multitude of villains, sewer rats and all sorts of other enemies in an exciting story that faithfully recreates the last film.

There are several ways to attack with your fists or with weapons such as grenades, throwing knives or guns.

From the very first moment, you will become immersed in the life of Jack Sparrow. The graphics, without being exceptional, are very good and run smoothly, which is appreciated. Everything is then rounded off with a nice representation of the captain himself.

So, if you enjoyed the movie, do not hesitate to take charge of the mission yourself.
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